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Training Needs Questionnaire:
Microsoft Outlook

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  The answers you give in this questionnaire will be used to evaluate your experience of using Microsoft Outlook and to help plan an appropriate schedule of training. The questions are divided into a number of sections covering the different functions of the program. Items marked with a red asterisk (*) must be filled in.

After completing the questionnaire, click the Submit Questionnaire button at the bottom of the page. If you wish to print a copy of this questionnaire for your own reference, you can click here or scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Print button.

About You

Please supply some information about yourself...

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*E-mail address:
 Company Name:
 Job Title:

About How You Use Microsoft Outlook

If you are already using Microsoft Outlook please indicate which parts of the program you regularly use...

E-Mail  Calendar  Contacts  Tasks  Notes  Journal

About Your Current Knowledge of Outlook

To answer the questions in this section simply place a tick in the box next to the item if you can say "I know how to do this" or "I am confident in doing this task". If you are not confident in performing the task, or have never done it or don't know what it is, leave the box empty.

I know how to...

Outlook E-Mail

 Send and receive E-mail  Send a BCC of a message  Save a draft of a message
 Resend a sent message  Recall a sent message Mark the priority of a message
 Delay delivery of a message  Set a message expiry date  Request a delivery receipt
 Attach a file to a message  Create folders to file my mail  Change how the Inbox looks
 Print a message  Add a flag to a message  Sort messages in the Inbox
 Search for a message  Create a distribution list  Set up rules for incoming mail
 Set up "Out of Office" rules  Create an E-mail signature  Poll people using voting buttons

Outlook Calendar

 Make an entry in the calendar  Create a recurring appointment  Add a reminder
 Plan a meeting  Cancel a meeting  Colour code diary entries
 Make a copy of an appointment  Make diary entries private  Change how the Calendar looks
 Find a diary entry  Print a Calendar  Forward an iCalendar appointment

Outlook Contacts

 Add a new contact  Add contacts from the same company  Create a vCard for a contact
 Change how Contacts looks  Print a list of contacts  Sort the contacts list
 Find a contact  Email a contact to someone  Filter the contacts list
 Send Email to a contact  Organise contacts into folders  Export or import a list of contacts

Outlook Tasks

 Add a new task  Add a recurring task  Mark a task as completed
 Assign a task to someone  Cancel an assignment  Forward a task to someone
 Accept or decline a task  Send a status report  Print a list of tasks
 Change how Tasks looks  Organise tasks by category  Filter the tasks list
 Display a timeline

Outlook Notes

 Create a new note  Organise my notes  Change the colour of a note
Put a note on the desktop  Forward a note to someone  Change how Notes looks

Outlook Journal

 Set up automatic Journal entries  Create a new Journal entry  Create a timed Journal entry
 Change how the Journal looks

Outlook Sharing Information

View another person's folders  Allow others to view my folders  Work with public folders
 Create and view a group schedule  Publish free/busy times to the web  Save a calendar as a web page
 Mark items as private    

Outlook Miscellaneous Tools

 Assign a category to an item  Define a new category  Archive my folders
 Set up AutoArchive options  Restore archived information  Import and export data
 Create and organise folders  Customise the Outlook shortcut bar  Customise Outlook Today

Thank you for completing the Outlook Training Needs questionnaire.
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