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Training Needs Analysis Forms


Why Training Needs Analysis?

Training Needs Analysis (often called TNA) is an important process through which the trainer can establish exactly what the student needs. So often people waste money on inappropriate training. My TNA questionnaires are carefully planned to help me establish the skill level of each student so that I can plan an appropriate schedule of training.

The TNA questionnaire will also help the student put their current skills into perspective and think about what they want to get out of their training course.

TNAs are just part of the planning that goes into a student's training and is always accompanied by a discussion of each person's aims and requirements.

[NOTE: This is work in progress! I will be adding more TNAs as time permits. If you have a special requirement please contact me at training@fontstuff.com]

How to Complete a TNA Questionnaire

Choose a topic from the panel on the left. When you click the link you will be taken to a new web page containing the TNA questionnaire. The questionnaire is a web form that you can complete on-line and submit direct to me by clicking a button at the end of the form. If you don't want to fill-in the form now you can print it and fill it in later, or submit it by post (you will need to contact me by email first at training@fontstuff.com).

What Happens Next?

When I receive your completed TNA (and those of your colleagues if you are one of a group) I collate your responses and draw up a program of training tailored exactly to your needs. I will send you a copy of the proposed training schedule for your approval so that any changes you require can be made before the training takes place.

Visit the Course Outlines page to view, or download for printing, a selection of standard course outlines.

Need Some Advice?

If you need advice on what sort of training you need, or want to discuss how to organise training please contact me, Martin Green, direct at training@fontstuff.com and I'll be pleased to help.

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