Microsoft Excel

Course Outline
Microsoft Excel (Introduction)

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    Application:  Microsoft Excel
Level:  Introduction
Duration:  1 Day
Target:  New or recent Excel users.
Objectives:  This course is designed to give users a good introduction to the basic concepts of Excel. It explores the structure
of the Excel workbook and demonstrates basic techniques required for working with spreadsheets.
1. Exploring Excel
    Finding and using commands
    Moving around a worksheet
    Navigating the workbook

2. Basic Workbook Skills
    Creating a workbook
    Selecting cells and ranges
    Opening, closing and saving workbooks
    Entering data into cells
    Entering values into ranges

3. Creating Simple Formulas
    Writing formulas in cells
    Using the Formula Bar
    AutoSum and other basic functions
    The Paste Function tool
    Automatic calculation

4. Copying and Moving Data
    Copying and cutting data
    Absolute cell references
    Filling cells
    Using drag-and-drop
    Undo and Redo
    Find and Replace

     5. Managing Worksheets
    Naming worksheets
    Copying and moving worksheets
    Grouping worksheets
    Moving data between sheets
    Adding and deleting worksheets
    Creating 3-D formulas

6. Printing
    Choosing what to print
    Previewing and printing
    Page Setup
    Margins and page orientation
    Headers and footers
    Repeating column/row headings
    Page Break Preview
    Printing gridlines

7. Formatting Data and Cells
    Formatting numbers
    Formatting text
    Colouring data and cells
    Wrapping and shrinking text
    Merging cells
    Using indents
    Applying borders to cells
    The Format Painter
    Conditional formatting

     8. Working with Columns and Rows
    Selecting columns and rows
    Changing column width and row height
    Hiding and unhiding
    Inserting and deleting

9. Using Large Spreadsheets
    Changing the magnification
    Full Screen view
    Splitting the window
    Using Freeze Panes

10. Named Ranges
    Naming a range of cells
    Jumping to a named range
    Using range names in formulas
    Re-defining and deleting range names

11. Working with Data Series
    Creating a linear series
    Working with Date series
    Using Autofill

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