Microsoft Excel

Course Outline
Microsoft Excel (Intermediate)

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    Application:  Microsoft Excel
Level:  Intermediate
Duration:  1 Day
Target:  Existing Excel users who have a basic knowledge of spreadsheets.
Objectives: This course advances the user's knowledge of functions, demonstrates how to manage data with Excel and     
explores how Excel is used to present data using tables and charts.
1. Working with Functions
    Using the Paste Function tool
    Absolute and relative cell references
    Using range names in functions
    Creating nested functions
    Logical functions (SUMIF, COUNTIF)
    The IF function and nested IFs
    using AND and OR conditions
    Using VLOOKUP
    Financial functions (PMT, NPV)

2. Working with Data
    Using Excel as a database
    Sorting Data
    Custom sorts
    Filtering using AutoFilter
    The Advanced Filter tool
    Database functions
    Using the Data Form to enter data
    Creating subtotals


     3. Working with External Data
    Data consolidation
    Linking to another workbook
    Linking to an external database
    Getting data from the web

4. Charting with Excel
    Selecting the data to chart
    Creating a chart
    Choosing the right chart for the job
    Moving and re-sizing charts
    Customizing charts
    Saving and copying a chart's design

5. Tables
    Creating an Excel table
    Table formatting
    Adding rows and columns
    Automatic calculation in tables


     6. Collaboration Tools
    Protecting a workbook
    Protecting worksheets and cells
    Adding comments to cells
    Sharing workbooks
    Tracking changes

7. Auditing Workbooks
    Viewing formulas
    Tracing precedents and dependents
    Error checking

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