Microsoft Access

Course Outline
Microsoft Access (Introduction)

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    Application:  Microsoft Access
Level:  Introduction
Duration:  1 Day
Target:  New or recent Access users.
Objectives:  It explores the structure of the Access relational database and demonstrates the construction and use of all the essential  
 elements: tables, forms, queries and reports.
1. Introduction to Access
    What is a database?
    Computerising a database
    Designing an Access database
    Defining a data store
    Populating a database
    Extracting information from a database
    Reporting data

2. Getting Started
    Starting Access
    Access opening screen
    The Title Bar
    The Menu Bar
    The Status Bar
    Menus and Submenus
    The Database Window
    Scroll Bars
    Exiting Access

3. Getting Assistance
    Using the Office Assistant
    Getting help without the Office Assistant
    Manipulating the help Window
    Help for screen objects - ScreenTips

     4. Creating Tables and Adding Records
    Creating a table using the Table Wizard
    Datasheet view
    Adding a record
    Saving changes
    Moving around the datasheet
    Finding a record
    Modifying and deleting records

5. Designing Table Structures
    Table design - hints and tips
    Creating tables
    Switching between views
    Saving tables
    Field properties
    Field size property
    Format and input mask properties
    Caption property
    Default value property
    Required property
    Allow zero length property
    Indexed property

6. Working with Data
    Sorting data
    Filtering data
    Using advanced filters

     7. Forms
    What is a form?
    Using AutoForm to design forms
    Using Wizards to design forms
    Entering data using a form

8. Basic Queries
    What is a query?
    Creating a query
    Modifying a query
    Restricting records returned by a query
    Simple calculated fields
    Summary queries

9. Basic Reports
    Reporting from Access
    Printing from datasheet view
    Designing a report Using Report Wizards
    Label reports
    Modifying reports

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