Microsoft Access

Course Outline
Microsoft Access (Intermediate)

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    Application:  Microsoft Access
Level:  Intermediate
Duration:  1 Day
Target:  Existing Access users who have a basic knowledge of database theory and structure.
Objectives:  This course introduces the existing Access user to some of the more sophisticated aspects of data management. The
 participant will learn how to customize tables, forms and reports, and to create more powerful queries. Routine database 
 maintenance and data import techniques are also covered.
1. Database Design
    What is a relational database?
    Primary and foreign keys

2. Using Field Properties for Protection
    Default value
    Input mask
    Validation rule and validation text

3. Table Relationships
    What is a relationship?
    Relationship types
    Creating and editing relationships
    Using lookups for referential integrity
    Multi-table datasheet view

     4. Queries
    Multi-table queries
    Calculated fields
    Adding a calculated field to a query
    The Expression Builder
    Calculating summary information
    Crosstab queries
    General query properties
    Checking referential integrity

5. Forms
    Form sections
    Form controls
    Form control layout
    Using form controls
    Control properties
    Control Wizards
    Multiple table forms

     6. Reports
    Using Report Wizards as the basis for reports
    Report sections
    Report controls
    Report control layout
    Using specific controls
    Publishing datasheet views on the Internet
    Adding hyperlinks to datasheet views
    Adding hyperlinks to HTML pages

7. Access tools
    Importing from other data sources
    Importing data using Drag-and-Drop
    Backing up and restoring a database
    Compacting and repairing a database

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