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I am constantly updating my Training pages. If you don't see the information you are looking for please contact me.

Excel Consultancy & Training

Naturally Excel

Naturally Excel

Naturally Excel is a team of highly experienced and dedicated Excel professionals offering Consultancy and Training services to business.

Free Courseware

Download free courseware handouts

Download FREE courseware handouts. These documents are ideal for teachers, students and anyone wanting to learn more about their Microsoft Office programs. Each handout covers a specific topic and is illustrated with full-colour screenshots. Many have accompanying sample files. The files are not restricted in any way so you can print copies or read them on-screen.
Get my Free Courseware here.

Free eBooks

Martin Green's eBooks

All my eBooks are now FREE!
Do you want to learn more about Access, Excel and VBA? Are you a teacher looking for top quality courseware for your students? My eBooks are the ideal solution to your needs. They are packed with code snippets, illustrations and step-by-step exercises. Written in the same style as my popular on-line tutorials, my eBooks will help you develop your skills and build useful, professional looking applications. Find out more at my eBooks page.

Development & Consultancy

Do you need someone to build you an Access database or an application in Excel? Or perhaps you are just looking for help and advice. I can help. Find out about my development and consultancy services on my Consultancy Page.


For the Best Training You Need the Best Trainer

People often say to me: "I wish I knew what you know." Well, that's easily done! Let me train you and your colleagues to make the best use of your skills and get the best from your Microsoft Office programs.

Do you like what you see here?

Take a look around my web site. Do you like the way useful topics are explained in clear, easy-to-follow tutorials? Lots of people write to me to tell me that they find my style helpful and easy to understand, and that it has helped them to master topics they previously found difficult to grasp. Now you can get that help and learn those skills first hand with personal training for you and your colleagues.

You can sample some of my work for free. Take a look at some of my Free Courseware Handouts and pay a visit to my YouTube Channel (martingreenvba) and watch my online video tutorials.

Do You Want the Best Training You Can Get?

I work as a Microsoft Office trainer and developer. I have been training Microsoft Office since 1995 (the first commercial release of Microsoft Office was in 1994). I enjoy training beginners as well as power users and I'm as happy working with advanced topics as with the basics. People often come to me for advanced level training because they can't find trainers willing to work at this level. I believe that, if someone doesn't have the skills to work at advanced level, perhaps they aren't ready to train at any level.

Originally trained as a scientist, I have spent most of my working life in business and public service. As well as training, I have worked as a developer since 2000, building applications and business tools in Microsoft Excel and databases in Microsoft Access. This has given me the skills and experience to understand what my clients need and help them learn the skills they need to succeed in their businesses.

Why Choose Me for your Training Needs?

Reason 1: You get an enthusiastic trainer. I love my work (how many people can say that!) and it comes across when I'm training people. Whether I am standing in front of a class of people, or working one-to-one with an individual, I get tremendous satisfaction from teaching people new skills and helping them discover what their Microsoft Office programs can do for them.

Reason 2: I know what I'm talking about. I've been doing this for a long tome so I know what you need and how best to present it so that you will understand and remember what I teach you. I present topics in context so that they have meaning and at the end of the day my students feel that they have achieved something useful.

Reason 3: You get the best value for your money. By going direct to the trainer your training costs less. Most training companies use freelance trainers like me, and they often source their trainers through agencies. They don't want you to know that! By the time the trainer gets their fee the training company and the agency will have taken theirs. When the trainer comes to you, as is often the case, you are paying far more than you need to when you buy your training from a training company.

Reason 4: The training is exclusively for you. Whether your training is for one person or a class of twenty (I have lectured to groups of two hundred students and held lab classes of thirty!). Because I come to you you don't have to share the training with people from other places. I can spend time answering your questions and tailoring the training to your specific needs.

Reason... OK, thats enough for now but I could go on...

What Topics Do I Train?

I offer all levels of Microsoft Office training from Introduction to Advanced, and beyond to macro programming with VBA. I specialise in Excel and Access but I also enjoy training Word and PowerPoint as well as a range of specialist topics for business users. Follow the links at the top of this page for information about specific courses. But don't feel restricted to the course outlines I have suggested.

Microsoft Excel training. Microsoft Access Training. Microsoft Word Training. Microsoft PowerPoint Training.

I Come to You

This saves you money and time. Because the training takes place in your own premises you don't have to pay a training company for the use of their rooms and your staff do not have to spend time and money travelling to a different location. Many businesses have their own training facilities or a meeting room where training can take place. For individual one-to-one training we can work at your desk if you prefer.

Training works best when each student has a computer to work at (a laptop works fine). If you can also provide a projector and screen the students will get a better experience (although I worked for many year without such a luxury!) and a whiteboard or flipchart is handy too. Some people like to provide refreshments but it's entirely up to you (you might think it isn't important but it's something that people really look forward to!).

I bring a computer for myself and all the handouts and courseware you need. If you want to work with your own data that's fine and we can talk about your requirements when you beek the training.

What's the Next Step?

Take a look at what I offer. If you can't see what you need, or if you can't decide what is best for your requirements then give me a call and I'll be happy to help. If necessary I can come to you and discuss your training needs with you and your colleagues to make sure that you get exactly what you need and what works best for you.

Contact Me

If you are ready to book some training or just want to talk about your requirements, you can contact me by email or telephone. Some people think I am a large training company but it's just me so remember, if you phone I might not be available to speak right away so please leave a message on my voicemail and I will call you back as soon as I can. Otherwise send me an email with your contact details and I will contact you as soon as I am free. If you are not in the United Kingdom please consider that I might not be in the same time zone as you! Here are my contact details:

Email: or

Telephone (UK): 07910 688968

Telephone (Non-UK): +44 (0) 7910 688968  Time Zone: UTC+0:00


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