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Recommended Links

When I first built this web site other web sites offering tips and tutorials were few and far between. There just weren't that many sites out there to recommend. Today there is a bewildering array of sites offering help and advice for the Microsoft Office user. Those I recommend here meet my own strict criteria. They have either helped me or they offer materials that impress me and that I would be happy to recommend.

I get lots of requests from webmasters asking me to add a link to their web site. They only get to appear here if I decide they deserve to. If you know a site that you think deserves a place here then let me know. Email me at If you are a webmaster and want me to add a link to your site then I welcome your suggestion, and remember that it would be polite to return the favour by adding a link to my site on your links page. This is neither obligatory nor will it guarantee inclusion here. If I think your site is good enough I'll add it.

I don't check my links as often as I should so, if anything here is out of date or you find a dead link then please let me know.

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