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Download the Sample File

If you would like to perform this exercise with the same data you can download the sample file (Salaries.zip) using the link below. The ZIP file contains two copies of the Salaries workbook, one in .xls format for Excel 2003 and earlier and one in .xlsx format for Excel 2007 and later.

Salaries.zip [95KB]


Analyzing Business Data with Excel - The Subtotal Tool

A useful way to summarize data is to sort it then add subtotals to each group. Done manually, this can be very time consuming. The data used in this example requires subtotals to be calculated for 13 offices each of which has 8 departments, a total of 112 separate subtotals (one for each department in each office and another for each office as a whole). The Subtotal tool can achieve this with just a couple of mouse clicks and allows you to display the data with its subtotals or just the subtotals themselves. And it is just as easy to remove the subtotals when you are finished. This video shows you how to do it.

This video has an audio commentary and is best viewed at 720p (HD) quality. If you don't have an audio facility you can also view this video as a step-by-step viewlet with text annotations.


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