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Download the Sample File

If you would like to perform this exercise with the same data you can download the sample file (Salaries.zip) using the link below. The ZIP file contains two copies of the Salaries workbook, one in .xls format for Excel 2003 and earlier and one in .xlsx format for Excel 2007 and later.

Salaries.zip [95KB]


Analyzing Business Data with Excel - The SUMIF Function

This video explains how to useExcel functions (SUMIF, AVERAGEIF, COUNTIF) to analyze business data and includes some useful, timesaving tricks to help you make sense of your data. It demonstrates how to use these functions creatively with the aid of some of Excel's other features such as the Autofill tool (to quickly enter multiple calculations) and the Remove Duplicates and Data Validation tools to add a useful dropdown list.

This video has an audio commentary and is best viewed at 720p (HD) quality.


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