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  • Introducing Access ADO
  • VBA UserForms


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Learn VBA with my Free eBooks

If you like what you found on this site you'll love my eBooks. For many years I have been handing out my own courseware to students who attend my training courses. Now I've decided that it's time everyone had the opportunity to benefit from my wisdom. I have expanded my course notes into a series of comprehensive books, each one packed with useful information and lavishly illustrated with screenshots.

If you have enjoyed my web tutorials you'll find these eBooks just as useful and interesting. They are written in the same friendly style which makes each topic easy to understand and remember.

Recording Excel Macros The Visual Basic Editor VBA Message & Input Boxes Introducing Access ADO VBA UserForms

For further details, to view sample pages and to download your free copy click on the thumbnail image of an available title.

What is an eBook?

My eBooks are full size (A4/Letter) publications in electronic format. They are supplied as .pdf files suitable for reading in the free Adobe Reader (available from the Adobe Reader download page) or any other pdf reader of your choice. There are no printing restrictions and you are free to print as many copies as you like. Content can be selected and copied but please respect my copyright (see: Copyright Notes below).

Easy to Read

eBooks are easy to read on screen using the free Adobe Reader program which is available for a variety of platforms including all current versions of Windows and Mac. They are indexed and fully searchable. If you have a Tablet or Smartphone you can download the appropriate version of the Adobe Reader and take your eBooks with you! [Click the thumbnail below to see a full-size image]...

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For Self Study

My eBooks are ideal for home study and reference. Everything you need to know is explained in a way you can understand and, where appropriate, easy step-by-step exercises help illustrate and reinforce the text. Whether you want to teach yourself or just have a handy reference manual these eBooks will provide what you need. Unless you need printed copy the Standard eBook is ideal for self study.

For Trainers

I've been an IT trainer for over twenty years and I have never come across commercial courseware that I thought was as good as my own. That's why right from the beginning I started to write my own course material and it's why I built my web site (to save me having to print out reams of handouts for my students!). My eBooks have been developed and expanded from my own courseware and are now available to everyone. If you buy the Printable eBook you can print as many copies as you like, either entire documents or page by page, or copy and paste sections into your own course notes (see Copyright Notes below).

Additional Content

Where applicable I have prepared additional content to accompany the eBooks. You will be able to download sample files and watch annotated demonstrations (viewlets) illustrating the topics covered in the eBooks. This additional content is free of charge and is available to everyone (you don't even have to buy an eBook!). To see the additional content currently available look at the Free Extra Content for eBooks page or follow the link from your chosen eBook's homepage.

Available Titles

The titles currently available are shown below. There are more titles planned so stop by occasionally for updates. For full details of each eBook and to view sample pages click the thumbnails or text links below...

Recording Excel Macros The Visual Basic Editor VBA Message & Input Boxes Introducing Access ADO VBA UserForms

For further details, to view sample pages and buy online click on the thumbnail image of an available title.

Copyright Notes

  • eBooks are supplied in electronic format as .pdf (Portable Document Format) files and as such are regarded as software for copyright purposes. You may not offer copies of my ebooks for resale.
  • All my ebooks are print enabled and you are free to print an unlimited number of copies for educational or personal use. Printed copies of eBooks may not be offered for resale.
  • All my ebooks are copy enabled. You may copy text and illustrations from the eBook for inclusion in your own documents providing these documents are not offered for resale and that authorship is acknowledged. If you have any questions about copyright please contact me at
  • All eBooks offered for sale here are copyright 2005-2017 Martin Green. All rights reserved.
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