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eBooks by Martin Green

Do you want to learn more about Access, Excel and VBA? Are you a teacher looking for top quality courseware for your students? My eBooks are the ideal solution to your needs. They are packed with code snippets, illustrations and step-by-step exercises. Written in the same style as my popular on-line tutorials, my eBooks will help you develop your skills and build useful, professional looking applications. Find out more at my eBooks Page.

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Free Training Handouts

I have written a wide range of handouts that I use when teaching Access, Excel and VBA. I am in process of updating them and, as each new title is finished, I will be offering them for FREE download here. Whether you are a student, teacher or trainer, you are welcome to download these files entirely free of charge and use them to help with your studies or your teaching work.

About the Handouts

Each handout is in PDF format and many have accompanying files containing worked examples from the text. Each one covers a single topic in detail and is illustrated with full-colour screenshots. Most are between 2 and 6 pages in length.  The files are not restricted in any way so, using the Adobe Acrobat Reader (download the latest version free here.) you can read the documents on screen, print your own hard copies or even copy and paste text and images into your own documents (please read the copyright notes below).

Watch Out for New Titles

I will be adding to the list of titles so stop by regularly to check for new titles. You can subscribe to my RSS News Feed to be automatically notified when new handouts become available.

To Download the Files...

Internet Explorer: Right-click on the link for your chosen file and choose Save Target As from the menu.
Right-click on the link for your chosen file and choose Save Link As from the menu.
Opera: Right-click on the link for your chosen file and choose Save Target As from the menu.

The accompanying files are contained in ZIP files for security and speedy download. ZIP files can be extracted in Windows Explorer (in Windows XP) or with one of the many file compression programs such as WinZip which you can download from here.

Access Handouts

Title Handout (.PDF) Sample Files (.ZIP)
Calculated Fields fsCalculatedFields.pdf [165KB] [13KB]
Connecting to Excel with ADO fsADOConnectExcel.pdf [134KB] [17KB] [79KB]
Linking Access to SQL Server fsLinkingToSQLServer.pdf [311KB]  
Database Structure fsDatabaseStructure.pdf [232KB]  
Table Relationships fsRelationships.pdf [222KB] [24KB]
Showing Totals in Queries fsQueryTotals.pdf [195KB] [14KB]
Crosstab Queries fsCrosstabQueries.pdf [303KB] [14KB]
Parameter Queries fsParameterQueries.pdf [192KB] [56KB]

Excel Handouts

Title Handout (.PDF) Sample Files (.ZIP)
Working Out a Person's Age in Excel CalculatingAgeInExcel.pdf [116KB]  
Excel’s Business Tools: What-If Analysis What-if_Analysis.pdf [686KB]  
Building Custom Functions fsCustomFunctions.pdf [179KB] [13KB]
Building an Excel Add-In fsExcelAddIns.pdf [199KB] [22KB]
Build a UserForm for Excel fsUserForms.pdf [445KB] [16KB]
Recording Macros in Excel fsRecordingExcelMacros.pdf [113KB]  
Macros and VBA in Excel 2007 fsExcel2007VBA.pdf [449KB]  

VBA Handouts

Title Handout (.PDF) Sample Files (.ZIP)
Introducing VBA Message Boxes fsMessageBoxes.pdf [142KB] [12KB]
Using Loops to Repeat Code fsCodeLoops.pdf [101KB] [24KB]
UserForm Code Reference (Basic) fsUserFormCodeRefBasic.pdf [105KB]  

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This courseware is entirely free of charge and without obligation. If you find them useful please consider making a small donation to help cover my expenses so that I can continue to maintain this web site and offer more material to my visitors. Just click the PayPal Donate button on the left to make a quick and easy donation with your credit or debit card.

Copyright Notes

  • My free courseware is print enabled. You may print an unlimited number of copies for educational or personal use. Printed copies may not be offered for resale.
  • My free courseware is copy enabled. You may copy text and illustrations from the courseware for inclusion in your own documents providing these documents are not offered for resale and that authorship is acknowledged. If you have any questions about copyright please contact me at
  • All courseware offered here is copyright ©2006-2013 Martin Green. All rights reserved.
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