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VBA Message & Input Boxes

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This book is a comprehensive guide to using Message Boxes and Input Boxes in VBA programming. It contains lots of examples of their use, many illustrated with Step-by-Step exercises which are suitable for all levels of user but which are particularly helpful for the novice VBA programmer. It describes the various different types of message box that can be created with VBA and explains how to program them with plenty of code snippets and graphic illustrations. It also describes the VBA input box which, in addition to displaying a message, can receive typed input via its built-in textbox, and a special variation of the input box which is available in Excel. Much of the information here applies equally to all the Microsoft Office applications that can be programmed with VBA. The book concludes with an exercise in Excel in which several different kinds of message box are used, illustrating how message boxes and input boxes can be used to inform and interact with the user.

Pages: 61
Format: A4/Letter
Type: PDF
Price: FREE

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