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Looking for a Microsoft Office Consultant?

Do you need someone to build you a Microsoft Access database, or an application in Microsoft Excel? Or perhaps you just need some help and advice with your own projects. This web site is my hobby but my "day job" (i.e. the one that pays the bills!) is as an independent consultant working with Microsoft Office and VBA programming.

I work mainly in Access and Excel but my skills extend throughout the Microsoft Office suite of programs. So, whether you need a new database or just some help tweaking your Word macros, I can probably do the job. My rates are competitive and I offer free ongoing support for all my clients.

Do You Like What You See Here?

Take a look around my web site. Everything you see here is my own work. My tutorials are here because I want to share my knowledge and experience with people who, like me, want to learn more and improve their skills. But it's also my "shop window". I'm an experienced applications programmer and have built many Access databases and Excel programs for clients in many different industries.

You can see from my picture (yes folks, that's really me up there!) that I'm no spring chicken! That lined face betrays many years of managerial experience in a wide range of industry, commerce and public service positions. That experience helps me empathise with my clients and better understand their needs. It all helps me make sure you get exactly what you need (even if you don't know yourself!).

Do I Work with Overseas Clients?

Yes! I'm based in London, England but thanks to the Internet distance is no object and I work with clients from all over the world. So wherever you are, if you need me, I'm just an email away! Sometimes I travel to work with my overseas clients in their own offices but often this isn't necessary. We can easily communicate by email and telephone, and I use PayPal to offer my clients a simple and secure payment facility.

What's the Next Step?

If you have a project in mind, get in touch right away! Tell me what you need and I'll let you know if I can help, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Remember, the first contact is always free!

Contact Me

You can contact me, Martin Green, at any stage to discuss your requirements or to get some advice on planning your work. You can make the initial contact by emailing me at

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