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Recommended Books: VBA

Here you will find my recommendations for books on VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming. The books here deal with general VBA. For VBA specific to a particular application look at my recommendations for that program. I own and use all the books listed here and believe they are worthy of my recommendation, but don't just take my word for it! You can follow the links to the online bookstore at Amazon.com (USA) or Amazon.co.uk (UK) where you will find more details and reader reviews.

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VBA Developer's Handbook

authors: Ken Getz & Mike Gilbert
publisher: Sybex
ISBN: 0-7821-2978-1
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When it comes to VBA programming I'm quite comfortable working with what I know, which is mainly Excel and Access, but when it comes to what I think of as the "heavy stuff" I need help. And when I need help this book usually comes to the rescue. By "heavy stuff" I don't necessarily mean difficult coding (although it often is!) but more often those areas where I have little or no expertise: like getting my programs to talk to the Windows API, or manipulating the Registry. All the major aspects of VBA programming are covered with separate sections on working with different data types, automating other applications, creating class modules, working with arrays, retrieving and setting system information and lots more. This is not a book for the novice programmer, but once you have a little programming experience and want to take your programs to the next stage you will start asking the sort of questions this book can answer. I wouldn't be without it!

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