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Recommended Books: Microsoft Outlook

Here you will find my recommendations for books on Microsoft Outlook and related topics. But don't just take my word for it! You can follow the links to the online bookstore at Amazon.com (USA) or Amazon.co.uk (UK) where you will find more details reader reviews.

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Microsoft Outlook Programming

author: Sue Mosher
publisher: Digital Press
ISBN: 1-55558-286-9
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If you work with VBA sooner or later you are going to want to do some Outlook programming. If, like me, you found it all baffling and didn't know where to start then you need this book. Outlook guru and Microsoft Outlook MVP Sue Mosher writes in a clear, understandable way with lots of useful, practical examples of VBA coding. There is comprehensive coverage of designing and coding Outlook forms and a guide to working with the VB Script behind them. Particularly useful is the book's companion website OutlookCode.com which has sample code, lots of  tutorials and a discussion forum.

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