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eBooks by Martin Green

Do you want to learn more about Access, Excel and VBA? Are you a teacher looking for top quality courseware for your students? My eBooks are the ideal solution to your needs. They are packed with code snippets, illustrations and step-by-step exercises. Written in the same style as my popular on-line tutorials, my eBooks will help you develop your skills and build useful, professional looking applications. Find out more at my eBooks Page.

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My Book Recommendations

I own a copy of every book you will read about here! I also own some books that you won't find here. That's because I won't recommend a book unless I think it's worth it. All the books recommended here are ones that I have read and enjoyed, maybe I use them regularly or they have helped me in the past. They may be books that I recommend to my students or to visitors to my web site who ask me for advice. If you don't find a particular book here it doesn't necessarily mean that I don't recommend it. It probably means that I just haven't got around to buying a copy.

The Bookshelf is Growing!

My bookshelf section is a new project so to begin with you won't find too many books here. I will add more recommendations whenever I have time and whenever I come across something new that I think deserves a place here. New additions will be featured on this page.

Why Amazon?

No special reason. Their prices are good, they hold a huge range of titles in stock, and they operate an Associate scheme so that if you click one of the links here then buy the recommended book I get a small fee. You still get the book at a bargain price! Remember that Amazon also has a Market Place where other vendors can sell their goods. This offers an excellent resource for obtaining copies of earlier versions or out-of-print books - and save money in the process.

Most of my web site visitors live in the United States or the United Kingdom, so you will find links to the books on each of these countries' Amazon web sites. But there are many other booksellers online and in your local high street or shopping mall, and remember to look for book bargains on one of the on-line auction sites. It's up to you where you shop so to help you find any of my recommended books I show full author and publisher information including the ISBN number.

How to Find a Book

I have divided the books into sections based on subject. There is a summary list of titles below. Click on one of the links to visit the page for that topic and read my recommendation. And if you decide to buy the book you will find a link direct to the book's page on Amazon's web site.

Summary List of Titles

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Outlook

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)


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