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Access Forms Masterclass #1: Custom Navigation Buttons (Video)

Access Forms Masterclass #3: Go To Record (Video)

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Access Forms Masterclass #2
Custom Record Counter

If you built the Custom Navigation Buttons in Masterclass #1 you might have also chosen to remove the built-in navigation bar. But that also contained a record counter so you will probably want to replace it with one of your own. In this video I show you how to add a label to an access form, format it to your liking, and write the VBA code necessary to turn it into a fully functioned record counter. The video accompanies my tutorial Access Forms Masterclass #2: Custom Record Counter where you can follow the fully illustrated written instructions, download a sample file containing the completed project, and download a printable PDF of the tutorial.

The video has an audio commentary and is best viewed at 720p (HD) quality.


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