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Training & Consultancy...

I'm Martin Green.
I'm a Microsoft Office trainer and consultant.
If you like what you have seen here and think I can help you or your company, contact me today...



I work from an office at home so, for reasons of personal privacy, you won't find a contact address or telephone number here.

My email address for general contacts is: martin@fontstuff.com
and for business related contacts (training, development, consultancy) is:

I receive several hundred unsolicited emails each week and, whilst I try to read them all, I only have time to answer a few of them.

All messages concerning business or training work will receive a prompt reply with full contact details.


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Martin Green - who he?

I work as an independent consultant and applications trainer. I've been doing this since 1995 and it is the culmination of a slowly growing love affair with computers that began in 1987 with the purchase of my first PC, an IBM PC/XT.

When I unpacked my brand new computer, a top-of-the range model with a 20MB hard disk (wow!) and a colour monitor (double wow!) I was already 37 years old. I had never sat at a computer keyboard before. The excitement and wonder I felt then has never left me. And that's why I decided to train. 

I'm fascinated by computers and by what they can do. I love to learn, and when I discover something new the first thing I want to do is show someone else. This excitement and enthusiasm is what makes me good at what I do - in fact I'm the best trainer I know!

So what else have I done?

I've been training people computers for seventeen years, but the previous 25 years haven't exactly been wasted. A have a degree in Plant Science (we used to call it Botany) and I worked for six years as a research scientist and ecologist. I then spent several years working in retail management before moving into facility management, taking time out to run a business of my own for a couple of years in between.

I've worked for big companies and small ones, always in a position of responsibility, and this real world experience is what makes me good at what I do. I can empathise with my students. I've been there and done that. I understand what they need and know their problems. I can show them examples that they will understand and relate to.

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What topics do I train?

My training experience extends throughout the Microsoft Office suite of programs but I specialise in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Office VBA Programming.

Access - all versions to advanced level (yes, there are still people out there using Access 2!). Everyone needs some sort of database and Access is easy to learn and use. I also work as an Access database developer building databases for a clients in a wide range of businesses so I have plenty of real-world experience to bring to my classes.
Excel - all versions to advanced level. Excel just keeps getting better. Whether you're keeping track of petty cash, or performing sophisticated statistical analyses, Excel can do the trick. In my role as a consultant I have built many Excel applications for business clients, bringing valuable practical experience that I can share with my students.
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) - you've studied your Office application to advanced level, perhaps you have recorded a few macros, so what next? The answer is VBA. This programming feature is built into all the Microsoft Office applications and the Visual Basic editor makes learning to use this tool a manageable task for all competent users. VBA really unlocks the powers of Office.

My knowledge and experience extends well beyond these three subjects, so if your needs are elsewhere I may still be able to help. Contact me at martin@fontstuff.com for further information and advice.

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Consultancy Services

In addition to my work as a trainer I also provide consultancy services, primarily involving Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. This can take the form of building applications for clients, or providing personal advice and training. My skills are wide-ranging and extend from web site design to VBA programming, and my extensive experience in science and commerce help me identify with my clients' needs.

Because I am independent, not working through agencies and third parties, my fees are more competitive than you might expect - and "first contact" is always free! If you've got a problem and need a solution, give me a call. You can e-mail me at martin@fontstuff.com.

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Where Do I Work?

I am based near London, England and whilst much of my work comes from here I have clients throughout the United Kingdom and overseas. I have travelled widely both at home and abroad to provide the best training consultancy services for my clients wherever they are.

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How much does it cost?

For training I charge a fixed daily rate. For consultancy I quote for a job, based on how long I think it will take me to complete. To find out what my services will cost you, contact me at martin@fontstuff.com outlining your needs and I'll let you know how much you should expect to pay. I live in London and do most of my work in the big city, but I often work elsewhere if asked and expenses are charged accordingly.

Most of my training is in the classroom with groups of up to 10 people (6 to 8 is a good number). You will need to provide the facilities. I can provide courseware if necessary and can prepare custom courseware to suit your needs.

My consultancy work is divided between my client's office and my own, where I have access to my library and all the other resources I need.

In addition to classroom training, I provide one-to-one training for individuals. It's becoming fashionable to call this "desktop consultancy".

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Need more information? Contact me...

For reasons of personal privacy, I don't want to publish my address and phone details here. If you want more information please e-mail me at martin@fontstuff.com and you'll be guaranteed a prompt reply. 

Lets talk!
Martin Green

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